Bomb It 2

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1-Player Mode: Arrow keys- Move. Space bar- Drop bomb. 2-Player Mode: Player 1: WASD keys- Move. Space bar- Drop bomb. Player 2: Arrow keys- Move. Enter- Drop bomb.

Bomb It 2 makes bombing too much fun

Bomb It 2 is an entertaining game which will keep the players engrossed all the time. The player has to control an avatar which will need to explode enemies by the help of bombs.
The bombs can be placed by the avatar accordingly using the spacebar in single player mode. There are other controls in 2 player and 3 player modes which are very well explained in the help section.
Each player has to navigate carefully thinking all the time on how to kill the maximum number of enemies in the given time. If all the enemies are not killed within the given time the game gets over and the player has to start all over again. The bomb it 2 has a certain power, and can only destroy things within a certain range according to its power. The range of the bomb can be increased by grabbing bonuses which become available on exploding the enemies.
Bomb It 2 has been liked by flash game players the world around. They say that it has many improved features over the last edition. The new graphics are also an added attraction for the players of this game series.