Bomb It 3

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1-Player Mode: Arrow keys - Move Space bar - Drop bomb 2-Player Mode: Player 1: W,A,S,D - Move Space bar - Drop bomb Player 2: Arrow keys - Move Enter key - Drop bomb

Bomb It 3 has everything for the casual gamer

Bomb It 3 has made a mark in the flash games industry. It is very exciting, and makes wise use of maps to keep the players engrossed.
The bomb it 3 levels are well planned out and there is a gradual increase in difficulty as the player progresses through the levels. There are a number of avatars available which the player can choose to play the game.

The main task would be to control the avatars and kill enemies by placing bombs. The bombs need to be wisely placed so that neither the player, not his teammates are exploded by the bombs the avatars place. In case any one of the avatar is exploded by a bomb, the game gets over.

Also there is a time limit within which the avatars need to kill all the enemies. The game is lost if the enemies survive even after the time limit expires.

Most gamers have giver favorable reviews of Bomb It 3. They have said that the game is very appealing because of the new layout that has been used. There are a number of new dresses available for the available for the avatars, which makes playing the game even more exciting.