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1-player mode Arrow keys - Move. Space bar - Drop Bomb. 2-player mode Player 1: WASD keys - Move. Space bar - Drop Bomb. Player 2: Arrow keys - Move. Enter - Drop Bomb.

Bomb It 4 has lot of new attractions

The latest version of the highly popular game, Bomb It, is here. It is the fourth version in the series and is named accordingly, Bomb It 4.

The game has made a number of improvements over its predecessors. A number of news suits for the bomber man have been included in the game.

Bomb It 4 has a simple interface, and the aim of the game is to kill as many enemies possible by placing bombs. The bombs detonate after a few seconds, and the bomber man must move to a safe distance before the bomb explodes. If the bomber man is present in the explosion range of the bomb, it will kill the bomber man too, resulting in the game getting over.

There are three games modes available; easy, medium and hard. The player has the option of selecting any one of them.

The avatars have been well designed, and are much more improved than the previous version of the series, say the players. However, they find the new maps and bonuses in Bomb It 4 the most exciting feature. The games are easy to learn, so the players learn it fast and get playing in no time.