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Left / Right Arrow Keys - To select player. Spacebar - To confirm / drop bomb. Arrow Keys - Movement

Bomb It makes bombing fun as never before

Bomb It is a fun flash game which makes use of avatars to bomb enemies and kill them. The more the enemies killed, the more the points scored.

The player gets to choose the look of the avatar. There are a number of looks available which will please both boys and girls. Also, a group of friends can enjoy the game together as there is the provision of up to 3 players playing the game together.

In case there is only one player playing, the other two avatars will be controlled by the computer. The avatars can place bombs which explode after a stipulated time. There is also a range over which the bombs can destroy enemies.

The range can be increased by gaining bonus points. These bonus points can be obtained by exploding the enemies.

There is also a time limit to each level which makes the game more exciting.

Players from world over say that this game has one of the best concepts in flash gaming. They like the idea and the controls of the game. Many have said the graphics are very beautiful and make it a treat to play Bomb It.