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Arrow keys for movement Space to jump

Bomb Jack a great game to test controlling skills

Bomb Jack has been developed by Rob Super Sonic and is one of their best bomb games. It has been developed in flash and can be played online by anyone with an internet connection.
The player controls Jack, who has to collect bombs. The tricky part is that he has to do so by saving himself from two ghosts who are always roaming.

Jack can jump pretty high. The player can make Jack jump using the spacebar and control the direction of the jump using the arrow keys. The arrow keys are also used for navigating when Jack is not jumping.

There are a number of bonus items in each level, which if collected give large number of points. The game ends and advances to the next level when Jacks has collected all the bombs on that level.
Jack can die if he collides with the ghosts who are roaming around. The player can get an extra life for Jack by collecting the bonus points.

Many players say that the game is very simple and easy to understand. They can just start playing from the word go. Bomb Jack is also very fast and responsive, which is another reason players like it so much.