Crazy Bomberman

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Crazy Bomberman Games

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Arrow Keys - Move. Spacebar - Bomb.

Crazy Bomberman is cute and nice bombing game

Crazy Bomberman is a fun flash game that can be played for free on the internet. The game will be found amusing by anyone regardless of their age.

The game is in Chinese, which might make it a little difficult to understand. But the player just needs to keep clicking at the places where they think are right and they will learn straight away.
The player controls the character of bomberman who is slated against a pirate. The goal is to blast water balls and get close to the pirate.

If a water ball is blasted in the vicinity of the pirate, the ball will keep him captured for some time. The same goes with the player. If the pirate blasts a water ball near the player’s vicinity they will get captured in it.

To be the winner, the player has to stay free from the water ball and keep the pirate captured when the time ends. If none of them are able to capture each other, then the one with the greatest points wins.

The graphics of the Crazy Bomberman is very cute and children have found it really amusing to play. The sounds of the game are also very nice and go well with the looks of the game.