Cute Bomberman

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Cute Bomberman Games

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Arrow keys - To move. Space bar - To place bomb.

Kids give thumbs up to Cute Bomberman

Cute Bomberman is a flash game which uses really cute characters. The game has both multiplayer and single player modes.

There are a total of 3 cue bombermen to select from. The game is pretty simple to play. The controls are very smooth too. All the maps have been well planned and have been laid out carefully, so players will have a treat playing the game.

The difficulty level can also be selected, and there are three of them provided; easy medium and hard. The difficulty level also increases as the player advances through the stages.
The primary aim for the player would to blow up as many enemies as possible before the time runs out. There will be others players assisting a player, which will be either human or computer controlled. It depends on the option the player chooses before starting the game.

Many players have rated the game highly and appreciated Cute Bomberman. Kids specially, have liked the game a lot. Many reviews say that the graphics of the game go very well with cute bombermen. The game play is also fast and simple to learn, as reviewed by the players all over the internet.